KARMAN Graphics & Design prides itself in providing high quality and professional web page design.

 Utilizing the industry standard graphic design application Adobe Photoshop, I pay close attention to every pixel assuring that each graphic integrates seamlessly with the design of the page.

 In addition I code every page by hand to assure accurate and precise positions of all elements for each web page, including web optimized graphics, dynamic content, and advanced internet technologies.

 I also take special care to make the pages compatible with all browsers, platforms and display resolutions.

The Beginning Homeschooling web site is a promotional web site developed for the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership to provide encouragement to new Homeschoolers and to drive visitors to the specific state Homeschooling resources. The site incorporates dynamic Adobe Flash elements that present data from the Alliance database. This web site is an excellent example of KARMAN Graphics & Design's use of the latest web technologies to present an attractive and professional web presence.
The new Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network web site incorporates dynamic content provided by the board with access to the mailing list database, allowing visitors to add and update there own information throught the website. The pages are completely managed by the board members in order to get time critical information out to the home schoolers of Oregon in the fastest way possible.
The Indiana Association of Home Educators has recently been updated from it's original design in 1997. The IAHE web site is now a dynamic site that allows the board members of the IAHE to change everything from calendar listing to the appearance of the index page.
Tanganyika Trading Company
The Tanganyika Trading Company is no longer in business but I have created this mockup as an example of the layout and design. Utilizing the client's logo and photographs, I developed this dynamic layout that is cross compatible with all browsers and resolutions.
Downtown Bible Class
This design was prepared for Downtown Bible Class but has yet to be published. The photography is all original art taken by myself and the layout and programming was developed by me as well.
Video Brothers Software
Video Brothers Software was a home business venture started by some friends of mine. They have since found better things to do with their time and the site is now retired.