KARMAN Graphics & Design utilizes advanced internet programming languages to create interactive web applications.

 With the ability to connect anywhere in the world, the internet offers the ability to allow users on both Local and Wide Area Networks access to a common data source making it possible to provide up-to-date information to all authorized users.

 Easily available through a familiar and easy to use interface, a novice user with no programming knowledge required can quickly provide up-to-the-minute information on a web site.

 With over eight years of web application development experience, I have found Adobe's ColdFusion to be the best Rapid Application Development language available. ColdFusion allows me to quickly and efficiently create applications to meet all your data management needs.

 I provide my clients with an online development server so they can monitor and view progress during every phase of development. This allows you to give input at any time making the process more efficient and economic.

The ALLIANCE of Christian Home Education Leadership
The ALLIANCEvirtual office” allows a board from all across the country to conduct business and manage organizational data from anywhere on the Internet. Members are responsible for keeping their own data up-to-date and can easily sign up for conferences, share information about conference speakers, collaborate and disseminate articles for publication, and much more. Many other features for this members only organization are also coming soon!
OCEANetwork - Database System
The Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network required a way to manage their mailing lists that would allow all board members access to the most up-to-date data and consolidate different mailing lists. The database that was created was a combination of several existing databases into a complex multi-relational database that tracks statewide mailing contacts, subscription history, leadership responsibilities, support group information, and even conference attendance. More...
Sunshine Division HANDS
The Holiday Assistance Network Database System for the Sunshine Division of the Portland Police Bureau is a database project designed to track individuals requesting holiday charity. It allows multiple agencies to input recipients and mark services provided in order to prevent duplication of services by local charity organizations. More...
The Learning Parent Catalog
The Learning Parent originally had a small static catalog of a dozen products on their web site. I created an online application that allowed the owner to upload, add and manage her catalog directly without requiring her to be knowledgeable in HTML programming. The catalog now has over 400 illustrated product entries and is growing every day.
The Teaching Home Database Integration
As The Teaching Home Magazine's webmaster, I developed the skills of database integration and dynamic content generation. I was able to automate the process for keeping the web information up-to-date by incorporating the data from several databases into the content of the web page and developing tools to modify that data.
These web applications manage sensitive information that is only available to authorized users. All of the above applications are password protected and not available for viewing. If you are interested in their function please read the detailed descriptions. Thank you!