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Welcome to the Video Brothers Software web site!
Video Brothers Software is a small game company founded in 1996 by Michael Alexander. Our goal? To create 3D first-person games that are filled with player interactivity, heart-pumping excitement, and thrilling levels and sound effects. Tired of tons of gore and immorality in 3D games? We're here to give you awesome excitement without that. Our new games are focused on less gore and blood, but still excitingly realistic. We just got a new Windows 95/98 game engine which will allow new features such as lighting effects, vehicles, 3D terrain, and multiplayer gameplay. Take a look at the games we've released so far; if you want to play one of our classic games, download the new Power Booster demo at the Games page. Thanks for visiting.

This site was last updated on January 3, 1999.

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