African Accents
The Tanganyika Trading Company offers the finest selection of paintings, driftwood accessories, sculptures, and a collection of rare treasures that do not exist anywhere else. Natural elements combine to form distinct accents that are both classic and unique.
   Crystal and Glass
Our glass gallery features beautiful items made of crystal and hand-blown glass. We incorporate a variety of themes including wildlife, birds, fish, and sporting, which are hand etched with amazing detail.
Our wood accessories feature clocks made from ancient dhow wood, as well as mirrors and picture frames made from rich hardwoods.
Our bronze collections are truly awe inspiring. These limited edition pieces which capture the soul of Africa, are incredible works of art. Master bronze workers take months to complete just one design using the “Lost Wax” technique.
Magnificent images of Africa are captured with film, oils and watercolors in a fitting tribute to the vast majesty of this great continent.
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