What do you do when the earth is becoming overpopulated? Test launches have proved that people can live on Vitron, an inhabitable planet. The Tristar and military organisations begin space travel to inhabit Vitron. The military drops 200 of the most dangerous criminals on the planet, but the Tristar colony is unaware. When the Tristar colony tries to settle on the planet Vitron, the penal criminals attack. It is your job on the Vitron Security Force to locate and destroy the penal colonists. If you succeed, the Tristar colony can live peacefully; but if you fail...

Collect cool stuff like rocket launchers. Explore huge underground rooms, hallways, outdoors, secret rooms, and more! Get prepared for the mission.

Price:$20.00 U.S.

Mix sci-fi excitement and PC game action to get Power Booster. Sound Blaster music and crystal clear audio rock along with you in this killer futuristic game! You are assigned to infiltrate the enemy weapons labratory on Embryon moon and take out the reactor before Phorath launches their new weapon! Start off your mission with a two-barreled concussion rifle, but you find some surprises along the way. The gigantic 11 levels of first-person action will give you the challenge of your life. Don't waste your money on boring, lame games! GET IT NOW, if you think you can handle it.

Price:$15.00 U.S.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the Swat team? You can now, with Swat 3D, the classic VB game! Jump, spin, run, duck, leap, and shoot your way through the levels of the terrorist warehouse. The 3-D color graphics will blow you out of your seat. Your arsenal includes shot guns, machine guns, grenades, gas grenades, and more. Battle the terrorists who have taken over the city. The massive levels will suredly give you a challenge. Get your hands on the funnest game out there. The Swat team is calling you.

Price:$10.00 U.S.

Games coming soon...

The Advenced Pilgrim helicopter was made to be the perfect weapon. It can move at a speed incapable of being detected by any know radar. But what happens when terrorists capture it and threaten to strike the United States capital? It must not be too late before you stop them! Battle in different outside conditions, like rain. This game is under final stages of perfecting, so be on the look-out for it very, VERY soon.

This modified version of the original Vitron is coming! It contains levels, animations, features, and backgrounds that you'll never find in the original.

You are a mercenary hired for various extremely dangerous missions. The 14 levels and powerful weapons and equipment you get will make it even more exciting. With the enemies you're facing in this game, there's excitement around every corner!

So, you've beaten Duke Nukem 3-D, Duke 3-D Atomic Edition, Doom, Doom 2, and the Doom 5,000 level expansion pack. This will humble you.

System requirements- 386, (486 or better recommended) DOS, hard disk, 3.5" drive, 4 meg RAM, VGA graphics, Sound Blaster (optional)